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Layout design options for case study pdf

In the interest of time and my sanity, I had already completed the case study document by the time week 11 rolled around. However, rationalising design decisions is a familiar concept, and I didn’t feel hindered by jumping the gun.

Due to my experience presenting projects and ideas, I found writing my case study easy and quick. I used the suggested structure as it covered all our key learnings from the module. Despite the optional nature of the weekly content, I am glad I did most of the weekly challenges. It meant I had sketches and development every week comprehensively documenting my project.

Overall, while I think my case study document and video explain my project adequately, nothing is interesting about them. As I mentioned, they follow the basic structure advised in the brief but don’t go beyond that to create anything interesting.

I have read countless articles on the ‘wrong way’ to present your case studies and had big plans for presenting my own properly (Lo 2021; Aflamenco 2022; Andrade 2022; Koh 2023). My initial plan was to craft the story of Wavelength along the lines of Montague’s (primary persona) journey map, weaving in each deliverable as a moment in that journey. As I am quite interested in video creation and editing, I had plans to film a more cinematic presentation video. The idea was to communicate to the viewer the important gap that Wavelength fills.

Unfortunately, this submission coincided with starting a new job, a long commute and getting ill, so I couldn’t go the extra mile this time. However, when I present this project in my portfolio, I will use the document I submitted as a baseline from which I can move forward. To improve my case study presentation abilities, I will return to the articles I have read previously and study the examples they showcase. Additionally, I am reading Resonate by Nancy Duarte, which I know will become a staple book I return to every time I build a new case study.

Video Storyboard


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