“Create a compelling MVP using only black and white colours in your design. There should be no other colours, not even grey.”

My role

As this was an individual project, I worked on all aspects of this product.

Vectary, Figma, Premiere Pro, OBS Studio


In 2 weeks, I developed a vertical slice of a website dedicated to educating people about the process of tattooing.

Scanned pages of black ink sketches and mind map.
Ripped out page of sketches showing rough wireframes and 3D sketches of a tattoo machine model

As tattooing is under-regulated, many first-timers turn to YouTube or blog posts to learn essential information. I sought to bring the necessary information together.

When learning about a first tattoo, much advice is geared around designs, ideas and body locations.

My focus with INKnowledge was education about the entire process, not just pain or cost but also providing information about inks, tools, sun protection, cultural appropriation and much more.


I built a vertical slice depicting the home page, a community section and, most importantly, 3D models of the tattoo machines.

Using Vectary, I built a rough 3D model of a rotary machine and magnum needle to demystify the tools for the user.

I used OBS studio to create recordings of the 3D model, which I embedded into the Figma prototype.

A black and white mock up of the equipment section showing text and a 3D model of the Rotary Machine


On the homepage, I added an animated logo and a carousel which organised all the vital information.

The INKnowledge landing screen. Black background with white logo text in the centre with an angled bottom and ink dripping from one side

I created the logo animation in Premiere Pro to represent different styles of tattooing.

If I were to do the logo animation again, I would have added an additional glitch effect, adding a tiny pop of colour to draw attention to the logo.


I loved this short project, my first ever rapid ideation.

It taught me a lot about efficiency and producing many bad ideas to find the good ones hidden in between.

A mock up of using the 3D modelling software, Vectary. On screen is a model of a rotary machine

Finding this ‘educational gap’ in the market was very interesting, as it inspired me to research further into user requirements.

It was also exciting to bring my previous experience in architectural 3D modelling into this project. The transferrable skills turned a potentially static prototype into an engaging MVP.